What is Active Solar Energy

Solar energy is one of the kinds of renewable energy. Earth has been nourishing itself since centuries from sunlight. It is like an eternal source of energy so it is thought to take additional advantage by renewing it. There are two ways to obtained energy from sun; active solar energy and passive solar energy. Active solar energy method is used to utilize solar energy to a large extent and after sunset by storing.

Active solar energy is obtained in two different mediums. One medium is air and the second is water or an anti-freezing solution placed in containers. Both are exposed to the sunlight to be heated. This heat either trapped in liquid or air containers. After trapping heat it is passed on to the drive either run a device directly or to generator for storage of electricity to supply it locally. Heat trapped in air or liquid containers is distributed further using fans or pumps.

Active solar energy is more energy efficient than passive solar energy system. The reason is that in active solar system heat is stored and mechanically or electrically supply to the grid or house to meet up the demand of light.

While using the active solar energy it is very necessary to consider all the aspects in the selection of mode. Air or water based solar energy system have their own sensibilities. This selection is dependent on the location. It is the most important consideration as sunlight is the base of this mechanism. Factor comes after location is the system design whether need a big area or moderate. A key consideration is given to its use. If the full house is dependent on active solar energy or would it be partial.

The consideration given to the size is directly proportional to the use of active solar energy system. If the residence is fully dependent on active solar energy system then the container should be chosen carefully. The size of container is directly proportional to the heat production.

An important point in using the active solar energy is that sun is not there all the time on the sky so there is need to have a backup system in parallel with the active solar energy system. It ensures the constant and continuous supply of heat or electricity.

The performance of the system depends upon the mode of operation, its installation and the material used in it. Installation of active solar energy system needs maintenance annually to keep it in running condition.

Active solar energy systems are cost-effective in certain conditions. One of them is its use If it is used at a large scale to supply energy to a full house then it is cost-effective as there is no need to worry about its maintenance. It is comparatively more useful than fossil fuels. It emits zero carbon in the environment so it is a safeguard for health issues. It requires only one time heavy investment for a lifetime solar energy. It hardly needs extra charges on its maintenance.

In case of its use only even during daylight is a good supplement of electricity. For a short time of inconvenience can be replaced by a sort of backup energy. This backup energy could be fossil fuels or electricity receiving through power houses. Where it reduces the use of backup electricity source there it shows a great reduction in billing amount. Active solar energy system can be designed cost-effectively by using other liquid still in search as to what is more suitable for a quantitative and qualitative production of electricity. Active solar energy system does not produce greenhouse gases and give a pollution free environment.

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