Advantages of Rain Forest’s

Rainforests whether tropical or temperate both are source of advantages in many ways. They are so fertile, so green and resourceful that make them combination of beauty and benefits. The advantages obtained from rainforests are so common and so basic that life without them is not secure and reliable even sustainability of life shaken if they are removed from our daily life.


Natural Treasure

Rainforests are not man-made and human has no share in their presence on the earth. It is a treasure, a natural treasure given by God to utilize it with great care. A treasure worth capable of supporting our lives and our environment in a natural way just needs not to be treated callously. It means it should not be clear from the earth for logging and agriculture without proper considerations.


Sustainable Reservoirs

Rainforests are sustainable reservoirs of wood and by products of wood. This wood is used for many purposes like furniture, paper, building blocks, boats, and many other uncountable accessories are made by these rainforests.


Natural Pharmacy

Rainforest is like a natural pharmacy open by God on earth and accessible. It helps to cure gastric diseases, skin burning and infection, respiratory, and headache. Rainforests are still in the infancy stage to explore it benefits regarding complex diseases treatment. They are versatile and so many different species of plants are there that scientist can manage a short area to examine. Yet they are successful to treat serious health problem what if they succeed to examine further kinds and find the solution even for AIDs, and other incurable disease.


Earth Protector

Another advantage of rainforest is that they protect the earth by avoiding soil erosion instead of the heavy rain. They are so compact and show the behavior of unity that nothing can harm them like rain or storm. As human beings are busy in deforestation program to provide the logging this is creating often earthquakes and flood.


Globe Lungs

If you observe these forests are the global lungs. They balance the amount of carbon emission from human activities by releasing oxygen in the air. As we are busy in urbanization and setting up new industrial plants while cutting the forests in large number we are playing with our lives. Less forests and more industrialization means suffocation and globe can be dead if suffocation increases.



As one percent exploration of these rain forests shows immense advantage what if rest of the 2 % of tropical rainforest would be explored. For the comprehensive research and experiments research units has been working with modern laboratories to examine the specimen on the spot for correct results. It is hoped that many incurable disease would be possible to treat if they succeed to find the right ingredients.

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