What are Alternative Fuels

As fuel is used to perform different energy needed task. There are different types of fuel which are used by human beings for centuries. These are fossil fuels, natural gas, uranium and propane. Fossil fuel is a sustainable source of energy yet the higher carbon gas emitter. As the carbon particles are polluting the environment and raising the issue of greenhouse gases there is need to find an alternative fuel. These alternative fuels are supposed to be less pollutant and zero percent carbon emitter.


Alternative fuels are energy efficient and are designed to reduce the GHG emission. No doubt traditional fuels like wood, gas and petroleum are highly reliable and expensive source of fuel yet they are the major source of GHG emission. There is need to develop such fuels which should emit less or zero carbon gases and environment friendly as well. Alternative fuel types are such step towards the gaining of better environment.


Scientists are busy to do experimenting for fuels which give energy but don’t increase the carbon level. They are presenting alternative solution to the traditional source. There are different types of alternative fuels. Incentive is given to make the people keen for the alternative fuels. As the earth’s environment is on the verge of destruction there is need to shift towards the alternative fuels in every possible walk of life.


There are different types of alternative fuels contributing amazingly in the step towards healthy environment. Some important are


1.       Ethanol

2.      Methanol

3.      Hydrogen

4.      Nuclear energy


Ethanol is an important source of alternative fuel. It is the source of fuel produced by the callus. Fermentation is the process to originate the alternative fuel. It is non-emitter of GHG gases so is desirable to use because there is no emission of GHG gases. More and more crops of wheat are growing for eating as well as for alternative fuel source. As produced from corn it is not only simple but also cost-effective. A great advantage of using Ethanol is that it enhances the agriculture. As agriculture is reducing in industrial cities which is the main reason of intensifying GHG emission this important invention of Ethanol is once again reversing the population towards agriculture. A major disadvantage of using Ethanol as a fuel is that it is originated from corn which is a staple food. Moreover, as a fuel it is not an energy efficient source. So its reliability is being conditioned to its more important use as a food.

Methanol, quite similar to Ethanol in its origin is far better and far more reliable than Ethanol. Being an alternative fuel it is environment friendly source. Methanol is prepared from wood by burning it into coal. Also coal is the source for Methanol. Natural gas is another important provider of Methanol. Another source for the production of Methanol is the fermentation of waste. Sewage material and manure mass is used to produce methanol gas. It is supposed to replace the use of gasoline. It increases the efficiency of engine. It emits less emission and gives the vehicles high performance. Methanol is not a reliable source of fuel as it is harmful for the rubber system for fuel. Another important feature of Methanol is that it can easily convert into hydrogen which is our most important alternative fuel.


Hydrogen, a strong element with the never broken bonding, is an important source of alternative fuel. It is an attractive and practical invention which has a long term reliability and purity. It is reliable as the bond is the strongest. As long as it is working there is no uncertainty in its efficiency. It is testified that in vehicles use of hydrogen is the 100 % energy efficiency and zero emission. A greater advantage of using hydrogen is that it is sustainable source of energy. Water is the main source which is present in larger portion of earth. A great disadvantage is that formation of hydrogen element is more energy consuming than its usage.


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