Alternative Renewable Energy

There are many ways to define this form of energy just like alternative renewable energy sources. Alternative renewable energy described as energy of those resources which do not use natural resources and in the process of energy generation does not pollute the environment. Sometimes alternative renewable energy is referred to as the energy from the non traditional ways such as solar power energy, wind and hydroelectric power plants. However generally speaking alternative renewable energy is that form of energy which is highly useful but at the same is environment friendly.

Types of Alternative Renewable Energy

The most recent alternative renewable energy types include floating wind farms, bio-gas digestion, biomass briquettes and Helio-culture. The floating wind farms operate in the same way as traditional wind farms except for their location are also one of the types of alternative renewable energy. These wind farms are placed in oceans in order to receive unhindered energy of wind. The turbines connected with these floating farms are able to float in 700 meters deep water. Bio-gas digestion involves the break down of molecules present in waste to convert it into methane gas. This methane gas is an important and environment energy substitute. Biomass briquettes are an alternative to charcoal. The plants are compressed to briquettes; this bio gas digestion gives charcoal 70% more calorific worth. Helio-culture is a type of fuel energy which can produce 200,000 gallons of carbon based fuels by using solar energy, brackish water and some photosynthetic materials.

Challenges of using Alternative Renewable Energy Fuels

Alternative renewable energy sources are considered as most environment friendly way of using natural resources Palm oil which was used as a major fuel alternative energy was considered highly safe for environment, which proved to be wrong. Palm oil was used as an alternative to fossil fuels is found to produce more pollution than the use of fossil fuels. Hence the challenge of producing palm oil in a more environment way is still there. Moreover, converting the grain of useful crops into bio-fuel accounts for only 16% of total transportation fuel needs of the required in automobiles. The time has shown that the use of foodstuffs to produce energy and fuel have resulted in soaring food prices. The use of wood in these bio gas digestion processes is conducive to global warming and deforestation.

Investment & Cost Incur Alternative Renewable Energy

The investment in alternative renewable energy sector is increasing due to the fact that it can lower the burden of foreign oil form the economy. The alternative renewable energy sources like solar energy, wind power and hybrid energy require the use of different technologies and therefore possess different investment challenges. Worldwide it has been estimated that this investment has 100% return, which makes them desirable to use. The energy sources like sunlight and wind are very environment friendly but they bear high infrastructure cost. The obvious reason is that these energy sources are rarely used and the market growth is limited.

The major source of alternative renewable energy is by producing electricity from solar energy is photo voltaic effect. Photo voltaic effect makes use of solar cells and solar panels. The investment in this sector is dependent upon the fall in the prices of solar panels. Over five years it is expected that the prices of these technologies would fall. Moreover the material cost which are essential to prepare solar cells like silicone should also decline. As compared to solar panels the wind mills are expensive but they are relatively simple to maintain. In other words wind turbines are more heat and weather resistance. Wind mills generate more electricity than the use of solar cells at the same time they are also environment friendly. It is true that the wind mills are a more stable form of investment but the change in their cost is dependent upon the fluctuations in steel prices. If we want to save our planet from the climate changes we need to invest in alternative renewable energy sources.

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