Alternative Solar Energy Sources

Solar power energy is helpful in generating electricity with or without using other energy sources like wind mills, fuel cells and diesel generators. First of all let us analyze the production of electricity by utilizing air and solar heat in up solar drafted towers. Up draft tower is a renewable energy power plant. It is a combination of greenhouse effect, chimney effect and the concept of wind turbines. When the sun rays fall on this tower the wind contained in it rises to the tower. The wind rises as it gets hot receiving solar radiation.

The flow and pressure of the air helps to scuttle the turbines hence electricity is generated. Electricity generators can also be connected to the solar power houses to produce direct current. The electricity produced in this method is generated on the principle of green house effect hence no harmful gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are released in this process. The energy production from solar power energy is also helpful in saving important resources like water, coal, gas and oil. The most obvious reason for using alternative solar energy is to help lower the effects of global warming on our planet. The maintained cost of solar power houses is low. The capital and infrastructure cost is also low this is the reason why it has been adopted greatly as a major energy alternative. All the developed countries like USA and underdeveloped countries like Pakistan are utilizing this alternative energy source nowadays.

Technologies Associated with Solar Energy

There are innumerable technologies which are associated with the consumption and utilization of solar power energy. Solar power is converted to usable energy by receiving invariable solar radiation. This solar energy can be converted to direct electric current using photo-voltaic effect or other procedures. The photo-voltaic mechanism works on solar cells and solar panels. The sole purpose of technologies associated with solar energy is to produce electric current for domestic users. Other technologies like standalone grids, batteries and hybrid systems serve the purpose of storing and generating electricity. The solar power energy is utilized to convert it into usable electricity either using PV panels or on grid systems. These technologies not only save money for the users but also increase the efficacy of system. The amount of solar energy also varies with the regions and weather. In order to overcome the deficiency of energy supply in the night or in rains satellites are used. These satellites work day and night irrespective of the changes in weather. The solar energy power systems cannot work alone.

Solar Energy as Alternative Renewable Energy Source

Renewable energy sources include the energy resulting from the natural sources such as sun, wind, rain, geothermal heat and tides. The reason for realizing the importance of these energy sources is that the non renewable energy sources like coal, oil and gas are getting scarce and expensive. The economy associated with the renewable energy sources in the form of capital cost, operating cost and fuel cost are also less. The renewable energy source such as solar energy is safe and healthy to use. When we build power houses using solar power energy we do not need to worry about decomposed matters and the emission of harmful gases. The solar heating water systems are also the most environment friendly way to produce steam for commercial and domestic uses. Solar energy is a free resource and it is within the reach of everyone. Moreover it comes with many other benefits like cooking, solar lighting, water treatment and ventilation.

Its All About Solar & Renewable Energy