What is Atomic Energy

An atom is made up two parts; nucleus is the center around which electro is moving. Nucleus has positive charge with proton and neutron inside and electron has negative charge. Both negative and positive charges attract each other. The nucleus, under nuclear reaction, when fuses or fissures huge amount of energy is produced which is known as nuclear energy or atomic energy.

Atom has immense amount of energy stored in its nuclei. Nuclear reactions are the cause of harnessing atomic energy. Sun is the example of fusion reaction in which hydrogen is continuously fusing and making helium. As a result of this nuclear reaction atomic energy produced which is uncontrollable. Hydrogen atom when bombarded with neutron split into two and produce atomic energy. This however explosive for example hydrogen bomb or you can say atomic bombs are the most destructive weapons example of this atomic energy. Similarly, uranium is broken down by neutron hit on its nuclei and continuous process of splitting uranium starts called chain reaction. This characteristic of producing atomic energy in a chain reaction is the cause of long term fuel fulfillment so that it would be enough for a year.

Advantages of Atomic Energy

Sustainable Energy
With the increase threat of finishing the resources of coal and oil scientists were desperate to find a renewable sustainable source of energy. This is also evident from nuclear reaction in the form of chain reaction as tiny amount of uranium is capable of producing energy that is sufficient for long term energy requirement.

No by Products
During the procedure of nuclear reaction no byproducts like CO2, CO are formed. Large amount of byproducts in the form of waste are produced during the harnessing of coal or oil quite opposite to the nuclear power plant where there is no signs of heap of waste outside. Only water is the byproduct in case of nuclear reaction of an atom for atomic energy.

Less Consumption
A small amount of radioactive element is sufficient as compared to the traditional fuel. Nuclear power plant is processed with a very little quantity of radioactive element. Atomic Energy is therefore very cheap source of energy. A ton of uranium could produce as much energy as million tons of fossil fuel.

Environment Friendly
Traditional sources of energy are the big reasons of environment pollution. A secure power plant is environment friendly and does not produce any contaminants to the outer environment. Mostly water that is produced as a byproduct is found around the plant and give a fresh look to the surrounding.

Disadvantages of Atomic Energy

Atomic bombs are made from nuclear reactions so are dangerous. There are around half millions of weapons present in only Russia and America. This explosive nature of atomic energy is presenting future threats that in case of negligence or without safety measurement the atomic energy can be destructive. You would surely thinking about those nuclear wars which America invaded on Japan in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Being a radioactive element a large amount of radiation produces from nuclear reaction. This radiation is very dangerous for the living beings in the long run. Meltdown is the terminology associated with the radiation emitting from the atom. Nuclear reactor in Three Mile Island creates a chaos out of none. Similarly, Chernobyl nuclear plant accidently emitted radiation that causes a lot more people died on the spot while number of people died with cancer as an after effect of this.

Nuclear Waste
Radioactive element once breaks down into its nuclei particles and emits radiation from its waste even. Nuclear waste is so dangerous that even a touch could kill a person. It is therefore special power plants are made to keep the radiation restrict and protect the outer environment.

Long Term Promise
Atomic energy is the energy that once nuclear reaction started it takes the form of chain reaction which makes us view as energy on long term. It is said that near a half decade is the normal life of nuclear plant.

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