Causes of Air Pollution

Air consists of different gasses which readily react with other chemicals. These other chemicals sometimes come from natural environment make up of ecosystem and mostly human activities are responsible for the increasing level of air pollution. Therefore it is very necessary to control such processes which are the cause of air pollution. Among these processes the chemicals which form and also are harmful for the environment are carbon dioxide is the most common pollutant.

Human beings are the main and elementary source of carbon dioxide though not so harmful. But increasing population is becoming problem for the environment as plants are removed from a vast land areas and habitation is taking its place. This results in the form of extra carbon dioxide which is consumed by the plants. So exhalation of CO2 by human beings is also becoming danger to the air pollution. The secondary cause of carbon dioxide emission is burning of fuel.

Fuel burns in vehicles like planes, trains and cars and they are not few in number. As population is increasing the ratio of all these transportation is also directly proportional and doubles the production of carbon dioxide. This fuel is commonly fossil fuel which is very effective for the transport and also a major source of emission. Now-a-days many other renewable energy sources are introduced to replace the fossil fuel so that there is less possibility of CO2 emission.

Fuel burns in factories is another great cause of the air pollution. This fuel while burns produce a smoke of different chemicals used in different manufacturing processes. This smoke is the mixture of different chemicals and makes smog with the fog present in stratosphere layer. Smog is a very dangerous pollutant for breathing diseases and skin problems. Sulfur is an important ingredient of this smoke and together with nitrogen which is already present in large amount in the air is the cause of acid rain. This acid rain is a sever enemy of living beings on earth. The whole ecosystem infects due to acid rain. Living beings like fish, cattle, pet animals and plants.

Air is mostly recognized as O2 gas which is an evidence of human life on earth till it is present on the planet. But increasing pollution has been including different oxides due to chemical reaction which is converting oxygen into O3. O3 is known as ozone gas a poison to the life. There is dire need to slow down artificiality from life and more dependency on the natural resource so that the process of air pollution slows down.

Different types of radiation are emitting radioactive carbon in the air. Radioactivity is a burning chemical for the skin and is causing severe skin diseases among living things. The latest technologies like the latest touch screen technology are a bigger cause of radioactive rays. This emission is a silent killer to our different organs used in daily life as it affects the hearing, seeing, and touching senses commonly and the inner hidden system of man generally. We are making use of harmful rays in refrigerator, microwaves, computers and mobiles all are the sources of harmful rays and could be a possible cause of physical impairments.

Eruption of volcanoes and burning of jungles are also the causes of air pollution. Volcanoes not only barren the soil for years not able to cultivate but also spread harmful gasses in the environment which causes number of abortions and skin cancers. Burning of forest every year in the hottest areas is the cause of producing greenhouse effect in the air. Greenhouse gasses are increasing the temperature of planet earth and glaciers are melting which is making a sort of environment not favorable to human existence.

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