Causes of Water Pollution

Water pollution is becoming the most serious problem as there is great deficiency of clean drinking water. Surely there are solid causes/activities that are contributing towards water pollution. The causes of water pollution can be divided into two categories; natural and artificial.

Natural Causes of Water Pollution

Flood: Flood is the natural phenomenon that brings heavy tide of water from sea or ocean to the land. This water when runs back to the sea or ocean it takes with it different contaminants mixed in it and enters into sea water that later go into river water and polluted different sources of water.

Animal Drinking: Animal whether pets or wild or tame, their major source for drinking water are the same used by human beings. Animals graze in the fields and can catch crop disease and other germs with their skin. These animals when drink water from a river or nearby stream, germs or bacteria from their skin mix into water make it polluted and if drink by people they can be sick and can suffer serious disease. Also their rearing process causes mixing of large amount of nutrient based waste in the water.

Windstorm: In Northern side where severe windstorms come, water pollution is a major concern. It is not only the reason for air pollution but also takes contaminants from land to the water. There are chances of increased level of certain elements and compounds that are harmful for health.

Side effects: Drinking this water can cause diarrhea, kidney disease, and other small and large intestine problems.Artificial causes of water pollution are those that resulted out of human activities and become the reason of contaminated water.

Domestic Sewage: Daily a large volume of household waste comes out in the form of sewage. This sewage contains detergent from washing activity, feces from gutter and edible waste during utensil washing. Increasing population has increased the amount of domestic sewage as well and it has become continuous threat for water pollution.

Industrial Waste: Considering the water bodies as ocean a big place to dump anything in the past is now resulting in the form of water pollution. Many factories and industries were established near water source and considered it safe to drain factory waste in the water body. This has resulted in the form of polluted water and is causing strange diseases in people living near factory area who are reluctant to use that water for cooking and drinking purposes.

Laboratory waste: This type of waste was once in the past was consisted on a very small quantity but now with increasing activities to conduct experiments for making atomic bombs different technology items and other chemistry experiments also produce comprehensive amount of waste that is disposed off in water and ultimately polluted it. Different techno gadgets like mobiles, head phones, printers and scanners are short term items and become waste after certain time period and are thrown into water.

Combustion: All the automobile use fuel and also combusting process of coal emit mercury in the environment that enters into water bodies and contaminated water. Mercury is a dangerous element for women that have conceived and for new born babies. Combustion process emits harmful gases in the air and again mix with water.

Cultivation: Cultivation requires large amount of water that in turn again from the ground source or through the process of evaporation again enters into water source but this time with additional harmful elements and become the cause of water pollution. Fertilizers when mixed into water transfer nitrogen, phosphorous into water and decrease the amount of oxygen that has direct effect on the water life.

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