Disadvantages of Recycling

While talking about recycling we just consider the end result. The end results show no disadvantage of recycling and therefore w raise the slogan ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’. This triple R strategy shows a dream of healthy environment and future prospects help to survive the coming generation with enough reservoirs. Now let see the picture from different angle.

Social Issue

Recycling is a complete procedure comprises of collecting, sorting, pulping / boiling /, aeration, chemical treatment, bio treatment. All these phases required labor to keep the recycling process in continue form. Where does this labor come from? If we look around us the people busy in recycling business are from the lower strata and this decrease their social respect.

Energy consume / Energy Waste

Recycling plants are mostly situated outside the town for hygiene purpose. To transport the waste material different carriages are used. If this transportation is done engine vehicle instead of a cart, it emits a lot of carbon which in return become the cause of global warming. The advantage in recycling the waste is equaled by wasting the energy in this transportation.

Health Crisis

Labour involves in recycling is directly expose to the health crisis. They are more positive agents to let dwell the germs. This spread viral infection in the residential area. Most of the time waste comes from food items and solid waste which help to grow germs speedily. During collecting and sorting process labor is caught by infection which can become the reason of death.

Chemical Treatment

Recycling of the items like water, plastic, metal, paper and glass require chemical mixing to process in new shape. These chemicals are having bleached and most of the time toxic characteristics. These chemical treatments in the recycling are it bigger disadvantage because it can cause skin irritation problems and occasionally burning starts on the skin.


A common gas produces on the waste heap is that of methane. Methane is a colorless, odorless gas known as marsh gas. The disadvantage of recycling is that methane suffocates the place which labor has to visit. Methane can endanger healthy life and cause diseases like asthma.

Low Esteem

Recycling has this major disadvantage as the products make as a result of recycling are considered low esteem. General public has not good concept about the recycled thing. They consider it something low quality, less beneficial and barely approved by them.For example, recycle water, as it is non potable, even if it is seen using for irrigating lands is not considered good crop. Recycle plastic is not as attractive as the fresh one.

Low Quality Production

It is for sure that recycled items are low quality items. It is due to their second hand nature. Recycled items are made by previously used items so are less hygienic and less reliable. They are not as durable as newer items. They have not fresh, glossy look which the fresh items have.

Cost Issue

A visible and admitted disadvantage of recycling is that it raises cost issues. Although recycled items are sometimes looks very attractive and trendy yet they lost their value when considered as manufacturing point of view. They are reclaimed things from the previously used material which is considered as waster therefore they cannot be high valued in any case.


Recycling sometimes require shuffling and washing of the waste materials which causes a sort of abhorrence. We do not feel easy to put hand in the waste as it has many negative aspects. We abhorred to even looking at the waste what if we have to sort and wash the recyclable waste from heap.

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