Disadvatnages of Solar Power Energy

The abundance of solar energy and its environment friendly behavior makes it desirable to use but still the use is limited and we are facing some disadvantages of Solar power energy. This is due the various problems associated in handling the solar energy techniques.

Solar Power Energy Disadvantages

Sun is present only in the day time. Hence the energy of sun can be best utilized in day only. All the storage devices like batteries and updraft towers work well in day. However as the sun sets the photons (packets containing sunlight) start to disappear and the working of the solar panels plus the batteries start to decline. All the solar power storage devices need steady and consistent flow of solar light and heat in order to work efficiently. Therefore still it is difficult to store solar power energy for electricity generation in night. The inefficacy of solar power systems in night has narrowed its use. Hence when there is no sun there is no power supply.

Expensive Solar Power Projects

The solar power projects are initially very uneconomical. Solar panels are expensive and so is the back up storage systems. This is the reason why solar power energy is disadvantageous for domestic users to make use of solar energy. The major disadvantage of using solar power is associated with the absence of sun in night. However in order to overcome this challenge satellite are sent into the orbit which can utilize solar energy at any time of day irrespective of the day night and whether changes. No matter this can resolve the problem of interrupted energy supply but this satellite is really very expensive. This system can only be deployed only if it becomes common and inexpensive to use. Moreover the battery life of solar devices is very low. Single solar panel does not generate enough electricity to support power usage. An array of photo-voltaic power systems is required to support this system. Hence it is not feasible for small or medium businesses only large industrial unit’s can make use of it. Hence the cost advantages offered by solar panels are practically useful only to industry so far. Solar energy panels are used in bulk to fulfill the energy needs of any specific applications.

Technical Considerations for Solar Power

When we build solar panels there are many technical considerations involved. First of all the solar panel is made up of combination of two or more than two conductive materials. Only an expert who has the skill and knowledge to combine phosphorous, copper and silicone can make the panel. Another technical consideration is that while we install this solar panel it should be installed in an angle to sun, so that it can receive sunlight directly. Solar panels also require some protective shield like glass so that factors other than photon cannot destroy it ability to perform. However the reality is that sunrays do not only possess heat and light energy but also harmful ultraviolet rays. The ultraviolet rays and other seasonal changes reduce the efficiency of the solar panels to work properly. Solar energy systems are always dependent upon some back up support system. In most cases solar power systems are dependent on batteries and on windmills. The use of solar panels is limited to due to initial cost associated with its equipment. The rapid development on solar energy technologies would make this cost a minor consideration when deploying this system at home. Solar energy power systems can be deployed to areas where there is enough barren land to install solar panels. The large cities where usually there is no free land this system is hard to implant. The use of solar energy would become common only if the equipment become inexpensive and more efficient to use.

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