Earth Climate, Difference of Climate & Weather

Earth’s Climate

Earth Climate can be described in many ways based on the speculations of the people. Like for an example climate can be judged by rise and fall in temperature, the pressure of the winds and the change in the amount of rainfall. The climate of different regions depends upon the difference of height from the sea level. The amount of energy present in the earth’s atmosphere is largely contributed to the sun rays.

The Difference between Climate and Weather

Earth Weather can change within few hours and therefore the change is not constant. In contrast to the weather the earth’s climate changes are somewhat constant and do not change abruptly. For example if the ice from the glaciers starts to melt due to the increase in temperature would therefore have long effects on the region. This change is a climatic change. However if the temperature of any particular region drops and falls according to the height from the sea level it is a change in temperature. For example if in pleasant summer it stars to hail in hilly area it would be a change in weather and not climate. Hence in order to conclude the change in temperature for a longer period of time is known as climate.

Changes in Climate over the Period of Centuries

The scientists believed that the climate of the earth has changed overtime in the period of centuries. They have based their assumptions on the presence of the plants decay and other fossils in the soil in the form of coal and salts. Our world has gone through mighty changes. The concept of ice age refers to the global warming and its effects on the environment. Our planet has many different climates which are dependent upon the change in regions. Different regions of the world have different temperature for example the weather in Europe is pleasant in summers and very cold in winter whereas the climate of the Australia is relatively dry and prone to wind storms. The climate of the desert is dry and faces droughts. However the rainy forests present in India, Bangladesh and Brazil are much more fertile and the locals enjoy fresh air. The survival of the animals is also dependent upon the climate of the region. Suppose if the Brazilian forests start to get dry and the plants start to die because of the immense heat. What would happen to the species of different reptiles living there? Obviously the reptiles who survive by hiding them selves in the thick forests would die. The main reason is that the climate in jungles like Amazon supports the living of reptiles more as compared to other animals.

Survival of Living Being in Accordance with the Climate

The survival of living organisms is also depending upon the climatic conditions of the region. The living organisms like human beings, plants and animals also grow and develop according to the conditions of the weather. The climate of the desert is dry and dark this is because there is less rain and more sunlight. The animals which live in deserts have thin skin and they can survive without water for longer period of time like camel. The habits of human beings also vary along with the changes in climate. The habits of the people living in coastal regions are more out going and they enjoy the breeze at sea. Whereas those who live in the highly cool regions they are afraid to go out for picnics and fun. The survival of the plants is also dependent on the climate. Like the climate of the deserts, allow the survival of plants which are thick and small in size like cactus.

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