What is ECO Mover

Eco mover is the term introduced to make a move while following the earth’s natural rules without harming it. Rather Eco mover does this move to save the environment beyond its tendency to recover. Co movers are supposed to follow the ecosystem as to maintain equilibrium between biological environment and their dependence on physical environment around them.

Have you ever thought about the life of nomadic as they migrate from one place to another? What is the reason behind their migration? Why they not remain stayed at one place for a long time? There are different categories majorly three which spend their life in a nomadic way. Among them pastoral nomads are those who migrate from one place to another by following the natural patterns.

Industrialization has stopped this Eco moving and made it relatively difficult for the people to leave the place where they settled once. As industrialization has provided a permanent source of income and edible available throughout the season so it is very difficult to leave a permanent set up establish after the months continuous hard work and labor. Also the concept of Eco mover faded away with the passage of time.

At the end of nineteenth century, the side effects of the industrialization started appear on the horizon as a panoramic view. The increasing environmental pollution, the rise in greenhouse gases level, a large amount of poisonous waste mingled with the drinking water, incurable diseases inflicted the large portion of population, increase in virus attacks, restlessness, rising anxiety level in the common man, psychological upheavals are some of the problems faces by humanity. As a result people once again started thinking about moving.

By moving they intended a certain type of change in the environment but still they were ignorant the real cause why they need to move? Unconsciously history was revising itself silently by making people move. Just the concept of eco move incur to human mind as if they want to move they should move like an Eco mover. Since then the concept of eco mover has been trying to inject in the society as if there is need to shifting of premises it should be an Eco move. This is a call by environment to take certain steps which are eco-friendly.

According to the modern living the rules of Eco move also modernized. Now the living is not only comprises of bare necessities there are luxury items and most of the time some of the furniture and home items are not movable. Some of them are considered to be usable in a short time like fresh vegetables. Similarly grocery items are better to carry for the instant cooking after reaching the place. So here are some points to be considered for the Eco movers.

  1. First of all take a look to the whole house as to what is necessary and what are sweepings. The things which you do not want to take with you collects and give them to the dealer in second hand good, this will save you money to buy you packing material.
  2. Separate the furniture which is not movable. You can leave this including to the house price. Place this money separately to buy the furniture where you intend to reside.
  3. Instead of drive through market to market for the packing material first of all consider your own luggage which is feasible to use for packing the luggage so that you buy less. Then approach the shopkeepers or retailers for the sake of packing material just needed one. This will be not only economic to your pocket but also towards environment.
  4. Use the transport which is less carbon emitting. Although it cost you a little higher yet environment is not such a thing to sacrifice.’
  5. After reaching the destination do not make mess of your luggage rather deposited the things accordingly on the right place and throw the package material to the fix place or reuse it in the home.

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