Energy Saving Tips for Industry (Commercial users)

In the economy of any country industries play a very crucial role. This commercial zone is the major consumer of energy totally produced in the country. Industrial unit nearly use 50 % of the total so there is need to reconsider the whole unit where the demand of energy consumption is high and where needed occasional and where it is needed in a small amount.

This is the time to thoroughly examine the big and small units of the industrial plant depend upon the manufacturing of the specific product. By this you can on by one know the maintenance of the machinery and its effectiveness. Machinery is the most sensitive part of industrial unit as the development of technology introduces huge machineries perform great task which once considered impossible. These machineries are dependent upon different kinds of energy like thermal and electric energies.

The major consumption of energy in the industry is in the form of thermal and electric energy. Some of the units are run by electric energy and some are depended on thermal energy. It is needed to make this use efficient and economic. According to statistics a major part of air pollution comes from these industries. The reason is poor maintenance of machinery due to which maximum amount of energy consume to perform the task.

Let see the different parts of industrial unit like;

  1. Compressor
  2. Chill Towers
  3. Electric Motors
  4. Lights
  5. Propel
  6. Refrigeration and Air conditioning
  7. Boiler
  8. Diesel
  9. Kiln

Compressor: The first and the most neglected unit of is compressor. It needs proper maintenance and also the cleaning of compressor. The accumulation of waste in the compressor reduces the performance of overall production and utilizes extra energy. If the compressor is maintained at regular intervals it would increase the life time with better output.

Chill Towers: Chilling unit is also an important part of industrial unit as it regulates the process in a better way by reducing the extra heat which can be dangerous if not eliminated properly and regularly. Regulation of heat is very necessary or it can blow a fuse. It is better to facilitate the cooling tower with automatic switch system so that when it senses the heat then starts its work. Plastic opening bars are much more effective as compared to wooden and let the air pass without storing it on the blades.

Electric Motors: Electrical motor is the most important equipment as the whole industry is basically running on it. The energy efficiency of motor is very necessary and the selection of mode is an important consideration as per security purpose. The speedometer should be slow to high speed so that no fear of electric shot every time it is started. The use of stabilizers with the heavy machinery is advisable as it maintain the required current flow.

Lights: Some of the industrial units are very close to each other and create artificial darkness. To avoid this hazard proper lighting is necessary to escape the loss. These lighting should be energy saver. There are now different types of lights according to the work environment available. Therefore it is good to select and energy efficient plus you need them as per task, ambience or accent sake.

Propel: Propel mechanism is the basic system which regulate the whole process. If propelling is not proper and the pump which is used to propel the fluid into different compartment of the industrial unit is not refine it can create a stoppage. This stoppage is not only a pause in the work but also waste the time and ultimate fear of industrial angry outburst.

Refrigeration and Air conditioning: Refrigeration and air conditioning is crucial to regulate heat. The demand here is to provide an enclosed environment to get better result of this industrial unit.

Boilers: Boilers are the thermal energy user and they are the original processor of the product. It means the product which industry is supposed to market is processed in boiler. So the foremost point is of its cleaning which increase the work efficiency of boiler and consume less energy units.

Diesel: It is suggested to run the industrial unit on diesel fuel system with efficient set of combustion so that it emits less carbon and energy friendly. Proper maintenance increases the efficiency of diesel engine.

Kiln: Last but the most considerate industrial unit is furnace. It should be regularly cleaned and able to recover the heat for alternate source of fueling. As it emits different harmful chemicals using in the production process a specialized kiln with chemicals to react with the w harmful gasses to convert them in harmless compound while expelled in the air.

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