Energy Saving Tips

Switching off the extra lights does not mean that you are saving energy. I do not mean to say here that light is not energy rather want to say that light is not the only source of energy. Here just need to broad your concept of energy. In present scenario only man made things are considered as the sources of energy and oblivion towards the nature all round. When you get clear idea about energy then you would be able to save it in a better way. Human beings are dependent on energy to spend a health life.

There are different resources of energy to spend a balance life like crops, air, water and land. All of them both directly and indirectly are the sources of energy in any way till some of them passing the recycled turned into waste. And ultimately part of the waste also could be renewable in the form of energy. The forms of energy obtained from these sources are fuel, food, electricity and home building material.

Food comes from different crops, vegetables and fruits which are biologically rich in nutrition and energy provider to give us health and strength to perform our daily tasks. It is very important to use the food in a proper way without spoiling it. Even the over ripe fruits are of use like they can be used in making jam, jelly and marmalades also juices as well. Proper use and consumption is the better source of energy. If we purchased extra food which is more than we need then we are wasting the energy which can be utilized by the needy. Also when we throw extra food as waste it becomes the source of greenhouse gases emission. Therefore there is needed to use that much food which is according to your physical demand.

Electricity is not only produced by water but also many other resources are now invented to fulfill the demand. Water is the major source of electricity and no doubt electricity is facilitating us to provide a bigger portion of energy for us not only on commercial but also on private level. Saving one bulb means we are saving number of units of energy. In present era everyone is shouting for using fewer amounts of light sources. The reason is that we are consuming this energy bluntly which is directly influence the natural reservoirs of water and minerals. Pure water reservoirs are going to be finished in the coming centuries and turning into muddy water and a great source of energy become scarce which is the base of life on earth.

Fuel which is now incorporated in our daily life is a great source of energy. The reservoirs for fuel are landfills, natural gases and petroleum products. Increase in population has increased the demand for transportations which is now a continuous threat towards this energy. There is need to change the transport system in which less fuel should be used Also in this regard another important step of introducing solar energy vehicles or electricity or hydrogen based vehicles has been taken. Fuel energy is also used to cook but now researches have shown that raw food is very nutritious as compared to cook food. In this way chances of saving fuel energy have been increased.

Wood is another big source of energy. We not only use it to build our homes and offices but also furniture and other useful things are made by it. Wood energy can be saved by reducing the extra use and stop cutting the tree bloodlessly. Wood is also a renewable source of energy and it is very necessary to make sensible use of it.

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