Advantages of Ethanol Fuel

Ethanol Fuel is a type of Alternative fuel to put back the traditional fuels as a step taken to protect the environment and we are going to discuss ethanol fuel advantages. There are many advantages to adopt Ethanol as a fuel;

Ethanol Fuel as Organic Fuel

The origin of Ethanol fuel is organic and therefore known as bio-fuel. It is produced directly and indirectly from crop. It is obtained directly from corn, sugarcane and grains and indirectly from paper waste. By the process of fermentation these things are converted into Ethanol.

Ethanol Fuel as a Source of Renewable Energy

Avery important point regarding Ethanol is that it is a renewable source of energy. In present scenario renewable source of energies are in demand so is the case with Ethanol. As the demand is increasing so is the Ethanol production.

Ethanol Fuel Ease of Access

Ethanol is a bio-fuel and is present in large quantities therefore easily accessible. Ethanol Fuel is a renewable source of energy and has the capacity to be available in future. As corn is the staple food so it is cultivated in many countries as a source for fuel. You need not to bother about its consumption.

Ethanol Fuel Advantage of Independency

A big harvest of corn or other bio mass is a great source of fuel to replace the fossil fuel. This gives in dependency of personal fuel needs. There remains no need to import fuels from other countries. In this way a large amount is saved for the better consumption.

Ethanol Fuel Advantage of Employability

When the production of Ethanol is increased it has also provided the opportunity of employment. Employ-ability is directly proportional to the cultivation of Ethanol source.

Ethanol Fuel is Cost-Effective

As every country has the capacity to produce bio-fuel therefore it is not expensive. As compared to the fossil fuels, ethanol fuel is quite economic. Fossil fuel which is imported from other countries to meet the demands plays havoc upon the economy. It is better to harvest a big crop of ethanol which would not only be cost-effective individually but also save the revenue.

Ethanol Fuel Reduces GHG gases

The biggest advantage of Ethanol Fuel is that it does not increase the pollution level. Burning Ethanol Fuel in vehicle produces less toxic effects in the environment. Ethanol is prepared as a fuel by adding Ethanol and gasoline in the proportion of 85 / 15. This less amount of gasoline does the work of igniter and then Ethanol performs the rest of function. This proportion reduces the amount of GHG gases in environment as it burns cleaner as compared to gasoline.

Ethanol Fuel is Environmental Friendly

Damaging Ozone layer has been becoming a global issue as it is destroying the environment for the healthy survival of living beings on earth. Now the world is standing at the orifice of destruction. Advantage of Using Ethanol fueling system acts as a souvenir to the earth a little bit we must shake hand with.

Ethanol Fuel Promotes Agriculture

For the production of Ethanol Fuel there is needed to increase the agriculture revenue. Such step taken by the government will really work as a booster for the agriculture to set a base for self sufficient fueling reservoirs.

Ethanol Fuel is Hydrogen Producer

Ethanol Fuel itself works as a fuel. Researchers are busy carrying out to make it a better fuel removing all its side effects to make it an efficient energy source. Still there are some disadvantages come in front while using Ethanol as a fuel. Although it burn cleaner yet it starts corrosion very soon in the engine. To use it in a better and productive way scientists are thinking to convert it in hydrogen form which is an alternative source of fuel. It is considered to be more effective way of using Ethanol in the form of hydrogen fuel.

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