What is Ethanol Fuel, Types of Ethanol Fuel, Uses of Ethanol

Ethanol fuel is the ethyl alcohol which is a kin to alcohol which is used for drinking. Ethanol fuel is of many different types and hence it is used as fuel source to support transportation needs of cars. Ethanol fuel is a renewable energy source because it can be produced again and used again and again without depleting the original sources. Ethanol is produced from the crops and wood mostly. This wood, grass and crops can be grown again and again. On the other hand if we only use oil as fuel, it will end one day the reason is that crude oil is present in the crust of earth and it belongs to earth.

Types of Ethanol Fuels
Two major types of ethanol fuels are bio fuel and cellulosic ethanol. Ethanol fuels like bio ethanol is renewable energy source because it is produced from the used vegetable oil. It is prepared from the crops like maize, sugar cane, potato and rice. This bio fuel is environment friendly and its production cost is very low. On the other hand cellulosic fuel is produced from the grass, wood and edible pats of the plants. This alternative fuel source can help overcome fuel crisis at affordable low cost.

Ethanol Fuel Power Plant outside Norrköping
Ethanol Fuel Power Plant outside Norrköping

Ethanol Fuel and its Applications
Ethanol fuel is most helpful in producing environment friendly engines. Ethanol is capable of supporting the engine of farm tractors but it is most feasible to use in car engines only. The ethanol fuel not only increases the efficiency of engine but it is also very low cost. This efficiency can be achieved only in ethanol friendly engines. The ordinary engines consume 51% more ethanol than gasoline. The consumption of ethanol due to its low cost has increased from the year 2001 to 2008 three times what it used be previously. Ethanol fuel is extensively used in countries like USA and Brazil. People have devised ways to produce bio ethanol from crops in order to use it as an inexpensive fuel. USA alone produces 9000 gallons per year followed by Brazil (7000 gallons per year) and European Union (8000 gallons per year). Worldwide production of ethanol fuel is on its way. Ethanol fuel source is extracted from crops and wine. Therefore most of the free wine ponds are converted to ethanol production distilleries. Iowa state university has recently done an experiment in which fiber from the corn is converted to bio ethanol fuel. This biofuel is really helpful in replacing the half of the auto fuel. Hence its production and units of production should grow fast. It is easy to switch to this fuel source because any engine can be made compatible to work with it.

Ethanol Production in The world

Worldwide ethanol is produced but it is most commonly produced and associated with USA and Brazil. Ethanol fuel industry in Brazil is working from almost thirty years. Hence now it is at its maturity stage. The Brazilian government gave many incentives to people and industry to work on this useful fuel reservoir. The incentives which stimulated the working of ethanol fuel were low interest loans for ethanol refineries, tax incentives and fuel bought by government owned refineries at rational prices. It is the need of time that the governments of the under develop countries like Bangladesh, India and Pakistan also build ethanol distilleries. These countries are rich in agriculture resources hence ethanol would help them lower the burden of oil import from the economy. The addiction to foreign oil and gasoline by various underdeveloped countries of the world can be lowered by shifting to ethanol blends and ethanol as fuel.

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