History of Global Warming, Predictions on Global Warming

The issue of global warming is not new and the debate started in 19th century when the scientist realized that there are not enough trees in world, which are essential for our survival. The discovery of ice age in the past demonstrated that the problem of climate changes occurred even before the man realized its presence. The debate is still there that who is responsible for the major climate changes in the world? Is it natural? Is it due to the hidden forces of nature, Or entirely due the unchecked activities of the man. The awareness and research in the field of environmental sciences has somewhat considered man responsible for the current change in global temperatures.

Important Predictions about Global Warming
The important predictions in the past shed light on the issue of global warming at large. A Swedish scientist in 1896 predicted that the world’s climate would change overtime due to the emission of carbon dioxide resulting from the burning of fossil fuels like oil, gas and coal. The smoke resulting from the human activities like coal engines, cooking and factories was spitting dangerous gases in the air. His prediction was true but at that time he had no solid evidence to defend himself. The scientist gave solid reason to prove that no such activity exists that can change or alter our environment. They also claimed that the small human activities can not change the climate at all. However if you analyze this forecast in current scenario, you found it to be true.

Guy Stewart Callendar’s Claim in 1930’s
During the period of 1930’s, people tended to feel the change in the temperature of north Atlantic region. Scientist at large was unable to identify any significant reasons for this sudden climate change when the temperature of Atlantic region started to rise. It was Guy Stewart Callendar who raised his voice to tell people and scientist that global warming was on its way. It was later in the century in about 1950 when scientist looked deeply into the matter and came with obvious reasons to declare it as a step towards global warming. In 1960 a research was conducted to calculate the emission of harmful gases in the air and it was hence proved that the amount of carbon dioxide is soaring day by day. Later in the century the discussions on the global warming and its related causes in print media and on TV created awareness even in the common man. People and industrialists were concerned greatly about the pros of cons of human activities on climate.

Current Progress in Global Warming
In the late 1990’s the processions regarding the need for green environment put greater pressure on industry and government to take measures in stopping pollution. The awareness among masses to buy and sell products which are based on the green technology brought significant change in the industrial processes. Scientist tried to look for the more safe and healthy energy sources. The energy sources like oil, gas and burning of coal were declared harmful for the human beings and climate. Moreover the campaigns ran to help stop deforestation and growth of trees recovered some of the destructed forests. The concern for the environment and the alternative fuel generation also arouse the need to help revive wild life. The destruction of forests reduced the amount of oxygen in the air and immense carbon dioxide also destroyed the ozone layer. The destruction of ozone layer created problems like skin cancer due the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun. it was in 1970 that the global temperature stared to rise and among other factors , artificial heating and cooling systems have also greatly contributed to the emission of harmful gases .

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