Global Warming Theory, James Hansen Theory

Global warming is the term used to describe the increase in the temperature due to the presence of carbon dioxide in the air. However different scientist and researchers have different view about global warming theory.

James Hansen‘s Theory
James Hansen was a scientist in Goddered institute of. In 1988 he presented his James Hansen theory in front of the senate that emerging green house effect is changing the climate of our planet. He was 99% sure about it. Many other scientists working in the same institute found it are impulsive. However the basics of the theory proved to be really true afterwards. The theory was based on the studies conducted regarding the change in earth’s climate, temperature increase and carbon dioxide emission. The measurement of earth’s crust was measured to be 0.3 and 0.6 degrees Celsius. It was also forecasted that the amount of carbon dioxide in air has increased to about 30%. Scientist conducted research and used their results to compare the computerized climate prototypes and founded that carbon dioxide is present in atmosphere which is the main cause of global warming. The theory further stated that burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas are causing damage to ozone layer. The climate changes resulting from the melting of ice would result in higher sea levels and increase in natural disasters like floods.

What is Global Warming Theory & Support from NASA
Global warming is considered to be most controversial issue because many scientists still believe that the temperature of the earth has not reached to the point that we shall suffer severe climate changes. However the computer models developed by the scientists in NASA provided enough data to declare that past ten years broke the record of previous global warming. Another survey conducted in Goddered University declared that 2008 was the coolest year during the past ten years. If we take the average calculation of the variable temperature during the past ten years we would see that global temperature is changing certainly. The scientists at GISS conformed to the James Hansen’s results. They mutually agreed that the uncontrolled activities are producing more amount of carbon dioxide in the air each year this would rise the earth’s temperature hence resulting in global warming.

Some Important Phenomenon
The glaciers at the Larsen B ice shell are melting with speed. The pictures taken from the NASA satellites showed that the presence of high temperature is melting the frozen untouched lands immensely. An Italian news channel postulated that the process of glaciers being meltdown is normal, but the phenomenon is accelerating very fast. This fast change in global temperature is the biggest concern for entire human race. The world wide support for global warming theory is increasing because as the time is changing the predictions of scientists are becoming true. It is need of time that we bear our responsibility as responsible human beings and try to find ways to decrease the rate of pollution. Only the reduction in pollution can help us finding the causes of global warming. Sun is of many uses but our dangerous activities have made sun and its rays harmful for our earth and survival. Sunlight is essential for the activities of our eco system and water cycle. If we tend to destroy the ozone layer by pollution the useful energy from sun would become a threat for us. The blockade of heat in the earth’s inner layer and in our environment has raised the temperature worldwide. This increase in temperature is affecting our health and we tend to use artificial space cooling for this purpose which in turn puts more pressure on our economy and our climate.

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