What is Green Energy, How Green Energy Produced

Green energy refers to the all those energy sources which can liberate us from the immense pollution. These energy sources neither emit harmful gases nor chemicals during the process of energy generation. The green energy sources are commonly known as renewable energy sources.

Need for Green Energy
It is time to fight the intensive global warming and pollution. Hence we should return our planet its magnificence and beauty by finding for ourselves environment friendly or green energy sources. There are many reasons which contribute to the need for green energy sources let us analyze them one by one. First and the foremost reason is that that the nonrenewable energy sources like oil and coal are getting scarce. The production of these bio fuels is limited to few hands. Hence it is on their will that the prices of these essential fuels ebb and flow. The second reason is that the factories world wide use oil and gas to support the working of the industrial machinery. The burning of oil and gas releases harmful gases in the air like carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide which pollute the air. Thus scientist and environment experts realized the need for alternative energy sources which are abundant and environment friendly. Scarce resources like water can also be conserved for our future generation by making use of renewable energy sources. Last but not least the nonrenewable energy sources like coal and oil need to be fermented and derived from earth or other processes. The cost associated with deriving and producing these fuels is more than the energy contained in it. For example Ethanol Fuel requires much more energy during the process of production as compared to what the final product holds in it.

Green Energy Sources
The major green energy sources are solar energy, rains, winds and tides. All these energy sources are part and parcel of nature hence they do not account for pollution at all. Winds, rain and sunlight are all those factors which are part of Eco system. Therefore if the energy forms these sources is used to support electrical applications it is assumed that they would not put injurious effects on nature. Hence these energy sources can help us to counter the issue of global warming. Another useful factor associated with these factors is their abundance and availability. Solar and wind power plants are equally efficient to the power plants which are run by using oil and gas. The use of green energy sources can not only save money for us but it can also help us brawl the challenge of pollution.

Future of Green Energy Technologies
Our survival on earth depends upon our effort to reduce pollution. Nothing can be said with certainty that what can be the future of the green house energy sources. However the widespread development and progress in this field leads us to a better future. The growing market to support the solar and wind power plants is expected. It is seen in many developed and underdeveloped countries of the world that solar and wind power plants are deployed not only at commercial but also at domestic level. This shows that people are showing interest in switching to the green technologies. Therefore due to the lack of awareness and availability of equipment’s people are not deploying green power systems. The powerful devices like solar power panels and wind mills are capable of replacing many large oil based power houses. Besides sentiments we need to put an effort to help save our planet from deforestation and pollution. This is possible only if we now realize the importance and variety of green sources to fulfill our energy needs.

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