Hybrid Renewable Energy

Hybrid renewable energy technology is the latest innovation in the field of technology. This idea is penetrating rapidly not only at commercial level but also on household level. It facilitates when one system fail to work it is automatically switched to the second system. In this way multiple sources of energy are attached on preference level that which system should start work after the failure of first system.

Drawback in Renewable energy

The concept of renewable energy is quickly making its place because of the environment threat. Majority of the renewable energies are from natural environment for example sun, wind, tide, wave etc. They are all weather dependant like if sun is shining brightly then solar panels would be able to produce energy similarly if wind is blowing at a certain rate per hour it would renewable in to electricity. Same is the case with wave and tidal phenomenon.

Applying one system to gain energy is fine as we need energy to perform various tasks now what if that one system fails to work? This situation develops the concept of Hybrid renewable energy.

Mechanism of Hybrid Renewable Energy

In hybrid renewable energy system is designed by joining multiple power systems on to one port so that if one fails seconds starts the same work and in case of second system failure third comes to take its place for the continuation of same work. This hybrid renewable energy is where profitable there are certain issues to put it in function.

Features of Hybrid Renewable Energy

Hybrid renewable energy is of versatile and has many useful features;

  1. As it is renewable so it is in abundance and long lasting.
  2. It is cheap source of energy as hybrid is built among sustainable and renewable energies. Only solar energy is costly among all these sources. Research is carrying on this to make it accessible to every layman.
  3. It emits less rather zero carbon dioxide in the environment.

Hybrid Renewable Energy is guaranteed clean and safe source of energy. It helps to decrease the pollution level. It ensures the supply of energy in the form of heat or electricity even in every condition as it hybrids with the other sources of energy to shift on them one by one. In some areas wind is blowing at certain level which is suitable for hybrid like solar + wind. In hot region hybrid of solar + fuel is quite effective. We can put solar energy in preference and in case of bad weather or during night hours it can be switched to fuel system. Also if a hybrid of solar + generator is created it will be a good source of energy in daylight consuming sunlight directly and using the generator at night with solar conserving power.

Disadvantages of Hybrid Renewable Energy

Individual energy has its own separate set up so it needs proper place to arrange them without making them an obstacle at home or company.

  1. It need special environment like solar energy is not attainable if clouds drifting on the sky. Solar panels would be ineffective in case of dim sunlight. Their capacity of producing energy becomes less. Also it is ineffective in the evening or night hours.
  2. Hybrid renewable technology is dependent on the region and capacity. It is not possible to utilize every type of renewable technology where you want. As there is changing of weather around the year same with the different continents. Some areas are hot some are cold. So it is not possible to apply the hybrid of renewable energies. There is need to attach fossil fuel energy system with either solar, water or wind renewable energies.

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