What is Hydrogen Renewable Energy

Before discussing about hydrogen renewable energy, lets have a look at hydrogen first.

Hydrogen = Proton + Electron

This shows a strong bonding of Hydrogen which if not present in gas form still have an importance. As many compounds are incomplete without its presence. Formation of hydrogen shows that it is a very useful element if use wisely. To find it individually is not possible. There are many methods to separate the hydrogen from other compounds so it can be used as a source of renewable energy.

Why Hydrogen renewable energy

Existence of Hydrogen is not possible without bonding with other elements. At certain pressure on a high degree this can be turned into gaseous form. Being separated from other compound and then used in pure form is in fact a renewable energy. Previously it was also a source of energy while present in hydrocarbons then again using it in the pure from. This hydrogen comes handy again as a source of renewable energy.

Hydrogen Extraction Processes

There are two widely used methods to get hydrogen. These methods are good sources of getting hydrogen as a renewable energy.

First method is reforming. In this method natural gas is treated with heat and resultantly hydrogen produced. Hydrocarbons are mostly found in fuels. These are methane, propane, natural gas and gasoline. These are categorized in hydrocarbons and a good supply of hydrogen.

Second method is well-known method and everyone is aware of this. This method is known as electrolysis. When electric current passes through water, two types of elements produce; oxygen and hydrogen. It is a safe method for the production of electricity.

There is another probability of producing hydrogen gas as parallel to above mentioned methods. In a closed environment, when sun rays falls on algae and some bacteria hydrogen produces as a result. So this can also be a way to consume hydrogen energy in limited premises.

Hydrogen as a Renewable Energy

Hydrogen when turned into gaseous form is very useful and performs various tasks. Hydrogen becomes a high energy source now there remains need to utilize it properly. It is used for propelling rocket engine and space shuttle. In its pure form, there is no risk of environmental pollution.

These are after treatment used as an energy cells in the form of heat and electricity. It can be used to get pure water which is drinkable by powering the electrical system. These hydrogen renewable energy cells are like battery but they are durable as they work till the charge on Hydrogen element is working.

This new Hydro-electricity is introduced as a new technology which is now intending to use in homes and commercial level. It provides energy in the form of heat and electricity and are now replacing power source. With the advancement of hydrogen renewable energy, there are different most modern vehicles are introduced which are supposed to produces less even amazingly zero pollution so is the safe environment.

The danger of damaging ozone layer and tremendously increase threat of global warming can be slow down if the things using energy are replaced with hydrogen renewable energy. Good news is that this hydrogen renewable energy is quite cheap as compared to other fuel sources. As fuel prices are very high this is also a reason that hydro-engine vehicles are making their way.

Like water and organic compounds, wind power is also a unique source for hydrogen renewable energy. Wind power is a permanent source for hydrogen. Electricity is produced in the windmills which can be supplied to houses, factories to run the power systems.

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