Low Carbon Energy

Low Carbon Energy is obtained from the sources which are testified to produce less amount of carbon dioxide to avoid the threat of global warming and securing ozone layer to make the environment cleaner and healthier.
Background of Low Carbon Energy

From the very beginning, human beings are busy in consuming energy for their day to day work. Large portion of this energy is taken from fossil fuels. Coal, oil and gas are the major sources of fossil fuel but they emit a large amount of greenhouse gases. These gases are increasing carbon amount in our environment which is harmful for existence on this planet. In the present century the level of carbon amount has reached to the saturated level and now it starts damaging ozone layer. This alarming situation gets the attention of human mind and they start thinking about solution.

The solution comes in the form of search for the new energy source as there is a continuous threat of finishing the present reservoirs of energy sources. Where human beings start searching a range of energy source there he also cares for low carbon energy level technology. Low carbon energy technology is specially designed as a less greenhouse gases emission products.

There are many technologies come in front which are result oriented zero percent carbon emissions. To reduce the carbon level from environment different renewable energy sources are considered to be perfect. Some of the examples are; Wind energy, Wave energy, Solar energy, Tidal energy etc.
Wind Energy

A promising source to fulfill the need of energy is wind energy. It is only effected by environment because if air is polluted it would take more energy to convert into renewable energy. In the areas where air is less or not saturated with greenhouse gases wind energy is working excellent. There is no emission of carbon while using wind energy
Wave Energy

The region where water is in large quantity is creating electricity with natural waves as well as artificially builds up waves in the water. Wave energy can be saved and supply in the form of electricity to the nearby location. Moon gravitational force makes it naturally effective during night time which can be conserving at time.
Solar Energy

As we know the sun is there on the sky so it is shining and bestowing the planet and all of its residents with heat energy already. This natural source if used wisely in direct (heat) or indirect (mechanically transformed into electricity) is an unlimited source of energy for the entire humanity. Solar energy has a plus point as it is not the property of anyone. Everyone can use it according to its own desire. Still it is not cost-effective as compared to other low carbon energy sources so are less preferred.


Nuclear Energy

It is produced from sustainable energy (uranium) which is not renewable but nuclear energy itself is renewable and least amount of uranium produce a large quantity of nuclear energy and is testified lower carbon source.

The government is need to provide source to the individual for accessing the low carbon energy to make the environment better and reduces the emission of greenhouse gases lowering the pressure from other energy source which are the ultimate cause. Low carbon energy is available in different form according to the region and reservoirs. There is only need to utilize these sources without any fear of its reduction. Low carbon energy is not only safe for environment but also helps to increase the working capability. Its foremost result is in the form of healthy society.

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