What is Natural Gas Energy Sources & Types of Natural Gas

Natural gas is present in the earth along with other natural resources like coal and oil. Natural gas is extracted by using metanogenic organisms which are present in landfills and quagmires. Methane is the most common form of natural gas. This natural resource has unlimited user and industrial applications.

Sources of Natural Gas Energy & Types of Natural Gas Energy
Earlier natural gas was a major by product in the production of oil. This natural gas was of no use so it was burned near the wells. However the fear of pollution has reduced this activity. This natural gas was then either supplied to domestic users or was piped back to its origin. This natural gas is used as a major burning fuel in many parts of the world. Natural gas has many forms like town gas, bio gas and hydrates. The major source of town gas is the burning of coal. This burning of coal produces harmful carbon monoxide. This carbon monoxide and methane is combined to produce town gas. This gas is known as town gas, because the gas from the burning of the coal is collected and transferred to the town by using pipes. Biogas is another form of natural gas. Biogas is produced by the decay of non fossil natural matter. Manure is one source of producing biogas, but the use of manure as biogas is not environment friendly. Gas is also present in the form of methane in Siberia. However the natural gas present in the beds permafrost is in the form of hydrates. This is an uneconomical way of converting the matter to useful fuel.

The Major Uses and Advantages of Natural Gas Energy
Natural gas is used for many processes and procedures. However the main uses of natural gas involve the production of electricity, domestic use, for transportation, as a fertilizer, in aviation, in producing hydrogen and in the production of glass. Natural gas is the most useful fuel for powering electricity generators. It is used to run gas turbines and steam turbines. Natural gas is sued for generating electricity for off grid and on grid electricity generators. Natural gas is piped to domestic users, who utilize this natural resource in cooking, heaters and boiling water. Compressed natural gas is used as an alternative to traditional fuel because it is more environments friendly and less costly. Natural gas is an essential requirement for producing ammonia, fertilizers, glass, fabric, steel, paint and plastics. Natural gas is also converted to liquid fuel for catering the fuel needs of planes. It is used in car kits as CNG for replacing petrol and cutting the cost of fuel. The liquid gas can replace the intercoolers installed in the planes. Liquid gas is light weight and it has more compressor efficiency than kerosene. It also used to create hydrogen to help industrial processes which use oil.

Influence of Natural Gas Energy On Our Environment
Natural gas is useful and essential requirement in powering the electricity procedures. However the negative effect of natural gas on environment cannot be overlooked. Natural gas is less harmful than the burning of oil and coal. Though it results in the emission of harmful gases like carbon monoxide and hydrogen gas in the air, still it provides safe fuel substitutes like methane. The widespread production of greenhouse friendly gases in the air is responsible for altering our climate and global warming. Natural gas is a nonrenewable energy source because it can not be mined in an unlimited quantity. This is the reason why the prices of natural gas are increasing worldwide. The concern for environment has compelled the world to switch to those alternative fuel and energy sources which are more environment friendly and less harmful.

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