What is Nuclear Energy

Quest for renewable sources of energy reaches us to the nuclear energy which is not only renewable but also environment friendly. Nuclear Energy is discovered accidentally that some of the elements emit radioactive rays due to their natural characteristic. This radioactivity, if harness properly into chain reaction would be an immense source of energy till the stability level of the atom achieved by the element. Nuclear energy is an amazing source of energy which is originated from mass when atom is breaking down into its particles or combining the particles. The process continues till the decay level reaches. In another words an atom is capable of producing energy in three different ways; fission, fusion and decay. All the three methods reluctantly produce enormous amount of energy when compared to other sources of energy like coal or oil.

The concept of nuclear energy has taken from the stars like sun which is a sustainable source of energy. Sun is a big hydrogen ball in which fusion reaction is continued from centuries and is expected to be continued till the end of this universe. The nuclear reaction is the cause of fusing the hydrogen element into helium with the release of energy and this become the chain reaction unstoppable.

Observing the phenomenon of nuclear reaction in sun which is giving heat and energy since the existence of this universe, scientists and physics are continuously busy in devising such phenomenon on earth. We have different examples of nuclear reaction that are the result of either fusion or fission. Fusion, as it is seen in the form of sun, is very difficult to create on earth. However fission is experimented in different ways. In this method radioactive elements like thorium, uranium and plutonium, etc are split and while splitting they also emit nuclear energy which is used to convert into electricity or move the turbine to run generator.

Nuclear reactors are designed to produce heat at a certain temperature used to break an atom as a result of fission which is kept in the reactor portion. Primary and secondary pipes are interlinked to transfer heat from primary to secondary column where it is converted into steam. This steam moves the turbine to produce electricity or to run generator.

Nuclear energy produces in fission is very useful and can better serve humanity if handles carefully.

  1. It is already said that nuclear energy is safe for the environment. It emits no harmful gases during its production process. While the nuclear reaction happens in the nuclear plant it emits no gases like CO2 etc that are harmful for the environment. Coal and oil are the main sources for the global warming and greenhouse gases effect. Nuclear energy is a great incentive for the production of electricity with no after effects.
  2. Nuclear plant is advised to keep away from the habitat and is relatively of small size as compared to other fuel plants. There are no by products and no production of harmful gasses in the process of fission. Nuclear energy is directly consumed in the form of electricity or to run turbines. It occupies less space and even then produces huge amount of nuclear energy.
  3. The only by product in the process of fission is that of water. The water is clean and without any harmful contaminants. This water is also comes out in a normal temperature and is therefore not dangerous for the aquatic life.
  4. Normally where there is a nuclear plant, the surrounding is covered with water and is therefore quite fresh environment seen over there. It can be a suitable habitat for the wild animals and birds.
  5. Nuclear energy is produced I a large quantity and can serve a large area with electricity. It is not only good for the country as it is now becoming a big source of energy. It is secure and useful in the long run.

CAUTION: It is fact that nuclear plant emits radiation that is harmful for the living things. But the amount of radiation is so less that it does not prove dangerous however in the long run it can deteriorate the surrounding. Therefore security measures are required to protect the living things that could be affected by radiations.

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