Passive Solar Power

Sun is a forever source of energy for this earth. The basic idea behind the usage of energy by human beings comes from natural sources as sun, moon, air, wind, water are all natural resources and in a hybrid form providing energy to the living beings on earth in a passive way called Passive Solar power or Passive Solar Heating. There is no external source of energy out of earth which is energizing the living beings. The concept of passive heating power is very well illustrated in the form of solar energy. Life is in continuous progress because of solar energy.

Development in Passive Solar Power Systems

Solar energy is a sustainable source of energy. The use of solar energy in daily life has developed the concept of passive solar power. There is only need to design the buildings in such a way that sun ray’s can easily access the interior of a house.

Obligation to Passive Solar Power

In a natural phenomenon everything needs solar energy is directly exposed to sunlight. This phenomenon is the baseline for passive solar power technology. Human beings live in houses. So there is an obligation for obtaining solar energy. The house should be designed like windows and ventilators allow sufficient amount of sunlight to heat the inner part of a house.

Requirements for Passive Solar Power

Passive solar power system requires very few equipment no special expenditure for this system. There is need to focus on one point while building a house that its windows should be southwards. Also window panes should be of insulated material so that have the quality to absorb enough amount of sunlight to make the phenomenon more effective.

Prevention of Heat Losss in Passive Solar Power Systems

To increase the passive solar power performance to decrease the wind passage so that trapped amount of heat should not be lost. A better way to heat the home effectively is by allowing absorption of energy. This process of absorption is achievable by using thermal material. In a building, ventilators, windows, roofs etc could be of thermal material. Using this material will absorb enough amounts to utilize in performing various functions. If a southward wall of a room is constructed as window it would do room heating in a quick way. Similarly coating the windows’ panels with heat absorb-er material or windows panes should be made of insulated material.

Mechanism of Passive Solar Power

Passive solar power system works in a simple way as the design of building is constructed to trap more sunlight in addition to the solar panel windows. This heat in daytime stored in walls or water container in parallel to the direct heating the interior as well. The stored heat in walls or water container is stabilized during night time to consume the stored amount of solar energy.

Variations of Passive Solar Power

Passive solar power is obtained in a various forms.

  1. First option is its direct access as building a house in such a way that in a daytime most of the sunlight captured and utilized directly,
  2. Secondly sunlight is absorbed in something first and then indirectly used for the different processes.
  3. Third way of using sunlight is to arrange water pills to transfer the heat to the needed area and then recycled for the heating water again. Air can also be used in this remote access phenomenon. For this direct exposure of the thing to be heated is not necessary.

Advantages and disadvantages of Passive Solar Power

  1. A plus point is that there is no threat of carbon emission using this method.
  2. No special expenditures are required. It is like buy 1 get 2 free offer. You can get heat and electricity by building house according to the requirement.
  3. A negative point of this type of construction is the lack of privacy. Larger windows and ventilators expose your house to others.

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