Pedal Renewable Energy

Pedal renewable energy is the power taken indirectly from human beings. In fact it is not indirect as the total energy is extract from human feet. Although full energy is extracting from human body yet the name is given pedal. In simple words it’s a pedal renewable energy shift from human feet or hands further deliver to the device with the help of crank.

In the past when there was no concept of mechanical devices, pedal energy was the first one to relatively make the work easy and quick. With the passage of time switch system and then touch system has taken the place of pedal but still the theory is same. This pedal renewable energy is the prime step in the development of industry.

After moving ahead from pedal energy human beings started use fossil fuels which cause greenhouse gases. Now our environment is polluted which rise serious health issues. Now once again in the search of energy sources with zero percent emission of greenhouse gases are started and reached to the pedal renewable energy again.

As the concept of pedal renewable energy is emerging again with the revolutionary approach to clean the environment so many inventions are before us. Among these are Pedal power laptop is a great thing as it makes enable even the poor person to afford a laptop.

Pedal power snowplow are helping the people in countries where snowfall is heavier in the season. Pedal power generator is a new attractive device to store electricity to charge appliances at home. Where electricity is the current problem facing by majority there everyone is not able to afford ups or mechanical generators. This pedal power generator is a great tool to charge mobiles, laptops and cameras.

Pedal power vehicles are becoming popular day by day. Pollution in the environment is causing serious health issue and doctors are emphasizing the use of bicycle as an exercise to be healthy. On this line Chinese are replacing their vehicles with pedal power vehicles. Indians and Bangladeshi bicycle rickshaws are the examples of such vehicles.

Advantages of Pedal Renewable Energy

  1. Pedal power energy is renewable as well as sustainable. As it is needed till the human existence on this planet and the ultimate source is the human himself.
  2. Pedal renewable energy is cost-effective so everyone can access to its advantages. There is only need to set pedal with crank system attached to the drive.
  3. Pedal renewable energy is pure energy zero percent carbon emission so clean and healthy surroundings.
  4. It keeps the body system well and increases the efficiency level if used to a certain extent. Excess use of anything is bad for health.
  5. Pedal renewable energy does not harm the socio-political benefits as it is the personal property of every individual.

Pedal power energy concept is not newer just renewed in the modern times because once again there is need to shift towards is to protect the environment. It does not mean that the advancement in technology will not proceed. It provides a secure environment to do positive work. It will increase the efficiency level of man power.

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