What are Photovoltaic Cells

Among renewable energies solar energy is the one which is still costly technology to build up. Scientists and researchers are busy to invent such device which should not be costly and also a good source of producing energy from sun rays. Photo voltaic cell is a device used to receive sun rays and convert it into electricity.

Photo voltaic cells often called solar cells converts sunlight into direct current means electricity. Photo voltaic cells are also used as converter for ultraviolet radioactive rays and infrared radioactive rays into electricity. Sun is an efficient source of heat but with the help of photo-voltaic cells it produces electricity. Sun rays when falls on this photo voltaic cells it take three directions some of them deflect to the side, some of them penetrate in the cells and some others go by cell. The amounts of sun rays penetrate in the cells are transformed into electricity.

Elements of Photo voltaic Cells
Photo voltaic cells are made up of two basic parts

  1. Semiconductor
  2. positive charge particles electrode
  3. negative charge particles electrode
  4. Junction

The semiconductor with positive charge is denoted as p-type and the conductor with negative charge is denoted as n-type. While placing on each other they are joined with a hard layer making a junction. Sunlight, infrared rays or ultraviolet rays when fall on this junction it produces certain volt between electrodes. Devices when attached to the electrodes receive a current develop in the semiconductors. The current flows from semiconductor to the device to operate its function.

Photo-voltaic Cells Designs

Photo-voltaic cells are designed to use in different devices. Different modules prepared to induce in device for the direct use of sunlight in the grids. Similarly solar panel or large sized arrays are designed to place on the roofs of houses attached with the generator for the sunlight by converting it into electricity.

The photo-voltaic cells as they are quite expensive are unable to make its niche. A small market of solar energy is there to use it in the form of energy in remote areas, solar boats, cars, and even phones especially on the highways. These solar phones are recognized as emergency phones on the far highways.

A very common use of photo-voltaic cells is in the form of solar power calculators. This can help you to understand the phenomenon of photo-voltaic cells. It is like hide and seek game when cells seek the sunlight they activate the calculator and hiding photo-voltaic cells from sunlight off the calculator

Precautions for Photo-voltaic Cells

When incorporating the Photo-voltaic cells device there are some precautionary measurements you have to take for its better results.

  1. A continuous supply of sunlight should be maintained. It is possible in a way if you place the device at a place and height where sun rays reaches till the sunset time. Photo-voltaic cells should be displayed optimally to the sun full time for this a remote control photo-voltaic panel is the best for moving it with the sun direction. It is like sunflower chases the sun whole day photo-voltaic would be efficient if allow to chase the sun.
  2. Photo-voltaic cells as directly expose to sunlight should be covered with glass sheet for protection of the cells.
  3. A moderate temperature around the solar panel or array is needed for its better performance.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Photo-voltaic Cells

  1. Photo-voltaic cells are used to extract solar energy which is renewable and produces no carbon gases during its use.
  2. It can be used on large scale for industrial and rural areas for the day time. Remote villages can take advantage of electricity by using these Photo-voltaic generators.
  3. Their performance is less or sometime zero in bad weather because no sunlight no solar power even if it is day time.
  4. Photo-voltaic cell panels, arrays and modules are still very costly to use on larger scale.
  5. Photo-voltaic cells are a useful technology to utilize sun energy which is a forever source of energy on earth.

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