What is Renewable Energy technology, Types & Uses

Renewable energy technology is under the phase of development. There are many technologies which are associated with the use of renewable energy sources like solar power, wind power, tides, hydroelectric power, nuclear power and geothermal energy. These energy sources are able to fulfill the energy needs.

Technologies Associated with Solar Energies
The solar energy is the most widely used form of energy. This is the reason why there is more development in this field as compared to other forms of renewable energy source. The widespread solar technologies include solar panels, concentrated solar power plants, and updraft solar towers, concentrate photo voltaic and portable solar technologies. Solar panels are the most popular way of generating electric current form the small solar field usually deploying 15 to 20 solar panels. This technique is known as array of photo voltaic panels. Concentrated solar power plants are based on the principle of converging the light from many miles at one point for focus. This technique is helpful in increasing the overall efficacy of the plant. The portable solar technologies are another way ofs increasing the demand for solar technologies. The portable solar technology chargers, solar traveler and hand bags, mobile solar kits are some important inventions of the century. All these renewable technologies are in the early stage of their development. Hence the cost associated with these renewable technologies is very high which is expected to lower down in 5 years.

Uses of Renewable Technologies
Renewable energy sources like biomass are associated with the invention of environment friendly engines. These engines are not only bio fuel friendly but also they are environment friendly. The bio fuels such as ethanol and methane have helped in the development of environment train engines, car engines moreover the production of these bio-fuels have to undergo many technological processes like digestion, fermentation and gasification. The power from the wind energy is available by deploying automatic wind turbines. These wind turbines are based on the technology of using kinetic energy of wind and converting it to electricity by using motor present in the windmill. The modern wind turbines are based on the aero technologies and are not operated manually. These wind turbines are operated and controlled largely by computer systems. The use of computer system helps the wind turbines to adjust the position of blades in correct direction with the wind. The use of geo thermal energy is highly technology dependent because one cannot make use of this technology if does not have the drilling facility. This direct heat is extracted form the earth using earth tubes, heat ex changers. Hydroelectric power plants are based on the two basic types of water storage criterion like pumped storage hydroelectricity power plants and large electricity generators implanted on the dams.

Renewable Technologies in the World, Renewable Technology Used In Different Countries

Different types of renewable technologies are used in different parts of the world depending upon the climate conditions in the different parts of the world. For example USA has the largest solar power plants. European Union possesses most of the largest wind power plants in the world. The biggest tidal power project is situated at La Rance River in France. China is the leading country which has the maximum number of hydroelectric power plants. In addition to these major multinationals are also investing in making renewable energy technologies like LG, Samsung and Solar tech. more awareness bout the use of these technologies created through internet, TV and print .media. The use of renewable technologies improves health. These technologies are environment friendly because of them does not involve any burning processes. Though till now these technologies are very expensive now but government projects can help and support to promote the use of important renewable technologies.

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