Advanatges of Solar Power, Cost Effective Solar Power Plants

The importance and advantages of solar energy and its uses were not even declined in prehistoric times. Sunlight helps plants to generate food for them during the process of photosynthesis. Solar power energy free of cost energy source helped people store their food for longer when refrigerators were not in use, people used it for killing germs in clothes and most importantly this useful star provides us vitamin D to support healthy growth of our bones. Nowadays the practices of using solar energy are changing as it has been identified as an inexpensive way to produce electricity.

Storage of Solar Energy: How Solar Energy is Stored

Producing electricity from sun is also termed as a renewable solar energy source. Renewable energy source refers to all those energy sources other than traditional bio-fuels. Solar energy is of many uses. When the process of generating electricity was under consideration, the major challenge was to store solar energy to be used later in night, storms and rains. Hence useful devices like solar panels, solar heating systems and solar cells supported this immense challenge. Solar energy can be used unless we have sun. Hence all the solar power applications can help us utilize solar energy rays to produce electricity for supporting personal, domestic and industrial applications. Now it is possible to store solar energy in batteries which are attached to the solar powes panels. The electricity generated through solar energy process can be used with or without traditional utility grids. Another experiment carried at the red sea demonstrated that solar energy can also be stored in the beds of salt to support solar heating systems.

Cost Effective Solar Power Plants

Another crucial advantage of solar power energy is the production of electricity in a very cost effective way. Cost effective solar plants are considered low cost because they provide quick and efficient way to generate electricity in few hours. To produce electricity from solar energy has to deploy a solar panel with a back up battery set hence the solar power system is ready to provide you electricity for power supported devices. Solar power energy is considered cost effective because it has replaced the most expensive energy sources like oil and natural gas. Solar energy is free and it is abundant therefore there is no need to buy solar energy. Hence even domestic user’s can operate and make their own solar power houses deploying in house solar power energy systems. Also there is no maintenance cost attached to these solar power houses. There is an array of solar power applications which enables you to fulfill your power needs. These applications include solar cells, photovoltaic and many more.

Other Advantages of Solar Power

The solar power is environment friendly and so as the solar power houses has their own advantages. Other applications like solar cars, solar cells and even solar generators do not pollute the environment at all. Solar power plants neither release harmful gases nor the noise into the environment. The use of solar cookers has helped the people to decreases the widespread cutting of trees for the purpose of fuel. Solar energy is free and is not the property of any one. Solar power plants are easy to install and maintain. Solar energy source is inexhaustible unlike other sources of energy and solar power energy can support unlimited applications from power house to simple calculators. Solar heating systems help to generate steam for industrial uses. Solar rays are used to purify water from impurities. Solar power energy can be used alone or with other renewable energy sources to generate electricity. Solar power energy can be combined with wind mills and hydroelectric power plants. The threat of global warming and pollution has forced us to switch to renewable energy sources because they are environment friendly and abundant. The scarcity and cost of non renewable energy sources like oil can be brought down only if we emphasize on the energy alternatives like solar power.

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