Facts About Solar Energy & Solar Energy Power Houses

Solar energy systems should become a part of our home or no is dependent upon the fact that how much we know about this precious energy. Starting with the interesting fact about the solar energy we shall be viewing uses and general facts associated with the solar energy.

Interesting facts about solar energy
About two billion people in the world are still deprived of electricity; they can be given a safe and convenient electricity connection by deploying solar panels. Solar energy can be blocked in solar cookers for cooking and baking. These solar cookers were built to replace the immense electricity consumption by traditional ovens and microwaves. In 1990 a solar power set a world record because it successfully flew over an area of 4060 Km. interesting prediction made by Da Vinci in back in 1447 proved true, he forecast ed that world would shift to solar energy based industrialization. Solar energy supports power houses without producing any harmful gases and fluids. Solar energy is calculated in kilowatts. The unhindered sunlight produces 1 kilowatt solar energy in an hour which is enough to support the lighting of single 100 watt bulb for useful 10 hours.

General Facts about Solar Energy
Solar energy is capable of supporting unlimited electrical appliances. It is used in heating water collectors to produce steam for industrial uses. Solar power is converted to electricity by using solar cells. Solar energy can be used for water purification. The water is packed in plastic bottles of 1 liter. Then these bottles are placed in the sun for hours the impurities from the water sit at the bottom of the bottle and the water is safe for drinking. This is the safest and most inexpensive way to treat water. Solar energy is used to light up the solar street lights at night. Solar energy is used to operate solar calculators using solar cells. Solar energy is used for drying clothes. This kills the germs present in the clothes. Moreover drying of clothes in natural environment can help us save electricity utilized by the electric dryers. This is the only natural resource whose supply is more than its demand. This is the only natural resource which is unlimited and which is not the property of anyone. Solar energy is the only natural renewable energy source whose importance was realized after million centuries. Earlier people only used it for conserving food and worshiping. It is the solar energy which helps in the smooth working of water cycle. Solar energy is also consumed by plants in order to grow.

Facts about Solar Energy Power Houses
Installation of 1 kilowatt power system requires the user to possess $10,000 initially, but this can bring many long run benefits. Solar energy systems can be connected to electric grids or battery for back up support. The solar power houses which are connected to existing electricity grid can help to reduce the electricity bills. As this system combines the both electricity sources hence per unit load on utility grids is lowered and there is reduction in monthly bills. A 1 kilowatt solar power house requires 8 to 10 solar panels. The 1kilowatt solar system is capable of producing 1400 to 1600 kilowatt per hour in a year. The installation of 1 kilowatt solar system can save 105 gallons of water, 170 pounds coal and 300 pounds of carbon dioxide to be discharged in the air. The solar panels work efficiently only if they face north. The solar panels can tolerate the harmful ultraviolet rays and comes with a warranty of 20 years. Solar panels have many colors and they are capable of providing electricity 24/7.

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