Solar Power Applications, Solar Power Uses & Types

Applications/Uses of Solar Power

Sunlight is abundant and it is everywhere. The presence of sunlight everywhere makes it useful to be used for further applications like solar power houses, solar cars, solar electric plants and solar heating systems.

Solar Thermal Power Plants, How Solar Thermal Power Plants Works & Types

Solar power refers to the term, where we make use of solar heat. This energy is stored using thermal collectors and solar hot water panels. The solar hot water containers are used to heat water. The heating of water generates steam. The steam generated in this process is used for household and industrial applications. Solar thermal electric power plants are uncomplicated and easy to install. Recently the household users have made frequent use of this technology. They have installed solar panels on the roof top which is supported by battery at one end. Hence they are able to consume electricity with lowest minimum cost involved. Solar power plants are many different types. The wide array of solar power plants include off grid solar panels, on grid solar panels, grid supported by battery, DC systems and hybrid power systems. Off grid solar plants are those where no utility grid is supporting solar power system. These systems are more commonly used in rural areas. Direct current solar power systems are used to support devices which require instant low power supply, for example the water pumps and the fans. These systems are really easy to implant.

Uses & Applications of Solar Power

More and more emphasis on the use of this abundant energy source has led to the maximum development in this field. The solar energy can be utilized through various means form building concentrating solar power systems, photovoltaic, solar heating systems , solar cars, solar batteries, solar satellite systems , solar updraft power houses and solar lighting systems. Concentrate solar power systems use mirrors and lenses to store light and heat carrying photons. Photovoltaic effect can be used by deploying solar cells. Solar lighting system can be used by designing the architecture to support day lighting procedure. Solar lighting reduces the load and dependence on electric lighting systems. Solar cars contain e solar panels installed on the roof top of the car. These solar panels convert the sunlight into electric charge and furthermore it can be stored into battery to be used later on. Solar updraft power plants are another addition in the application of the solar energy. These power houses are designed to support the heating of air through sunrays. This hot air rises to the tower and then it runs the turbines to support electricity generation. Solar power satellite is an expensive way to produce electricity form unhindered sunlight day and night.

Advantages & Benefits of Solar Power

The cost of solar cells is decreasing and the efficacy of these cells is increasing. Moreover the process of generating electricity by using bio fuels is getting expensive and hard. The reason is that production of the essential bio fuels like coal oil and gas are limited to the few countries. This is the reason why most of the underdeveloped countries of the world are switching to the solar power plants. These power plants generate electricity at lower cost as compared to the bio fuels. These solar power plants can support the personal as well as industrial applications. Solar energy can support the launch of satellite into the orbit. This helps to lower the weight of satellite by replacing its fuel with solar heat. The solar energy power plants are really simple to install without indulging into the hassle of wires. Solar energy is free and it is everywhere, this attribute has given it an edge over the other types of energy applications.

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