What is Solar Renewable Energy? Uses, Types & Comparison

Solar energy is the term used for the heat and light which the sunlight contains. Sunlight reaches to earth in the form of photons. Photons are energy packets that contain light in it. Solar energy is considered as a renewable energy source because it does not destroy our eco system and is present naturally in the environment.

Comparison of Renewable Solar Energy with other renewable energies

Solar renewable energy has edge over all other renewable energy sources. This competitive edge is because of the abundance and availability of this natural resource. Other renewable energy sources like wind, rain and bio fuels have many constraints. For example wind is either weather specific or it is limited to coastal regions, Rainfall varies with region to region. While sun is everywhere and it is the free resource. No one can stop sunlight to travel its way to earth, because this energy source is not the property of any state or person. Another attribute which makes it desirable to use is that it is available both in developed and under developed countries of the world in equal intensity. There is no licensing and constraints to use it. Moreover there are no production tools or strategies required to avail this abundant natural resource.

How to generate electricity from Solar Power?

Solar power is the form of energy that helps in generation of electricity from the sun rays. There are many methods to generate electric current using sunlight but the most common methods are photo voltaic and concentrated solar power. Photo voltaic contains an array of solar cells which are pressed in solar panels. These solar panels are protected and framed by a glass sheet. This sheet does not allow any impurities to pass in. hence only sun rays can make their way in. These solar panels are made up of conductive materials like impure silicon and copper indium mostly. These conductors help and support the flow of electrons, thus the heat present on the solar panels is able to generate direct electric current. This electric current cannot support the electrical devices. Therefore it is converted to alternative current by using inverter and battery. Photo voltaic energy is growing rapidly and it is so far the only rapidly progressing renewable energy technology. Concentrating solar power systems work on the principle of converging the sunlight form many kilometers to single focal point. The concentrated energy stored in this form is converted to thermal energy which is utilized to support photo voltaic then. The solar energy stored by CSP is also helpful in running steam turbines.

Uses & Applications of Solar Renewable Energy

Solar renewable energy is considered most environments friendly for cooking purposes. The rural or poor areas where there is abundance of sunlight and forests solar cookers have been introduced. This overture will prevent the process of deforestation and the smoke resulting from burning wood. This renewable energy source is used to provide heating and cooling space facilities. Also this precious energy is a safe substitute for electric lights. The installation of solar street lights can save useful electricity in light and can help us to lower utility bills. Therefore the applications of solar energy are unlimited now solar energy is supporting military operations. It is providing portable power systems to travelers. It is used to run wind turbines, steam turbines hence reducing the pollution effect. Solar energy is used as passive and active energy forms for ventilation to heating water collectors respectively. Solar energy is the safest energy source which has no side effects to human health whether it is used to generate electricity or cooking food. Active and solar heating processes are both renewable energy sources because both work on utilizing natural resource sunlight in combination with wind mills.

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