What is Sustainable Energy

With the terrific increase in population a relatively new approach is introducing for the consumption of energy. Environment is the focal point for the better survival of living beings on earth. There is need of taking some precautionary measurements. From this scenario comes the concept of sustainable energy.

Energy is the basic ingredient of life. Spending a healthy life is dependent on energy to consume it properly. We need energy to perform different tasks and activities. We need energy to run industries, and to fulfill other necessities of life. Now the question is where does this energy come from? Till now the greatest source of energy is fossil fuel and is considered reliable for the coming century as well. But the dilemma of the situation is if this source of energy will be consumed by the present speed it will soon come to an end. There is need to give specific consideration towards the sustainable use of energy.

But what is the meaning of this sustainable energy? If we see the constituent of sustainable energy, we will get the idea about what actually it is. Sustainable energy is the renewable energy with efficient use. Now there are two things which we have to consider when consuming energy. First thing is to explore and preferred to use renewable energy resources and while using renewable energy its consumption should be proficient. So sustainable energy means consumption of energy from the present resources wisely so that it does not harm the future prospects.

We are still depending upon the energy getting from fossil fuel. Fossil fuel is the most widely used energy source but its continuous use is a threat to the environmental pollution. As the demand of energy consumption is increasingly continuously, there is need to explore some more energy resources. These energy resources are in the form of renewable energy. These renewable energy resources are produced primarily from solar energy. Similarly there are wind and wave energy sources available. There is one disadvantage of these energy sources even though they are substantial in energy supplies they are not reliable due to dependent on weather. If weather is fine they are doing well but in bad weather they are not reliable source even stop working. There are other sources like hydro-power and bio mass if used wisely could be reliable and long lasting. Here comes the time for energy efficiency.

To utilize energy efficiently makes it sustainable. Everything live on this planet needs some sort of energy. This energy comes from different sources. It is estimated that these sources are going to be end if used unwisely. There should be some proper arrangement so that every single unit of energy should be consumed. And while consumed every bit of energy from different sources it should be kept in mind that remaining amount is the treasure for future generation.

Coal, oil and gas which are fossil fuels are supposed to be enough till coming two centuries if used properly. There is only one drawback that they make the environment polluted and this is a dangerous one. Next is the nuclear which is reliable also as a sustainable source of energy but it is even 10 time dangerous than fossil fuel in respect of pollution whereas sustainable energy is a peculiar term for the clean and safe source of energy.

The clean, pure, non-pollutant and safe energy is called sustainable energy available for the future generation as well without harming the present objectives and good source for future as well. As fossil and nuclear energy are not considered renewable so they are not sustainable. As we know that renewable energy with efficient use is considered sustainable so there is need to pay attention to the renewable energy resources. These are wind energy, concept of windmills is not new; tidal energy produced through turbine, wave energy produced by the process of oscillation and geothermal found in the deep recesses of earth. All are used as renewable energy sources and considered sustainable. Now there is only need to make the environment less polluted by using renewable energy sources. Because more pollution more energy consumption less pollution less energy consumption. So we can make the environment free from pollution by using renewable sources and this will enable us to use energy efficiently.

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