What is Thermal Solar energy

Sun is a never-ending source of energy. There are many ways to derive energy from it. Thermal energy is one such type of solar energy. It is produced in the form of heat which is then further utilized. To utilize thermal solar energy in various ways there are different modes to obtain it.

This thermal solar energy is quite useful as it can be used according to the temperature variations. In thermal energy solar energy is used in a passive way to perform different tasks. As the temperature of the sunlight varies during daytime so is the case with thermal energy. You can use thermal energy at a high temperature, moderate temperature and low temperature. As the temperature varies so are the uses vary.

Low temperature thermal energy is utilized for heating, processing or even cooling. The use of thermal material helps to perform these operations. Most of the building material is of thermal mass like walls chimneys and swimming pools. Daytime solar energy is stored in the form of thermal energy and it may be used in night time. In summer proper ventilation of air cools the rooms and evaporation also helps to reduce the temperature.

Moderate temperature thermal solar energy with proper arrangements is used for cooking, drying and distillation. Solar drying is an ancient and traditional way of drying edible for preservation or grinding. Edibles like red chilies, onion, spices are used to be dried not only commercially but also on private scale. Commercially it becomes economic for both consumer and manufacturer. Cooking is done by using insulated pots to utilize the thermal energy. Similarly reflectors help to concentrate thermal energy for cooking. Distillation process is used to supply distilled water in the areas where drinking water is not drinkable.

High temperature thermal solar energy can be utilized by designing different shapes of receivers to collect thermal energy. This mechanism could be used at higher level. It has taken the shape of commercially used technology. Mostly many mirrors are fixed to reflect the sunlight which then made to fall on the needed area. Same is the case with lens which concentrates the sunlight to heat the farms. There are different shapes like dish, straight to produce temperature at high degree. This high degree temperature is able to produce electricity. Modern technology introduces parabolic trough and power tower like design to obtain thermal energy at higher level to convert into electricity.

Thermal Solar Energy Storage

Thermal solar energy is stored during peak hours in thermal container and transformed into electricity later on. In stored form thermal energy is trapped by molten salt, steam and other thermal containers. This the most effective ways to take benefit of having electricity while sun is covered by clouds or such other uncertain circumstances.

Thermal solar energy is a radiant source of heat to utilize in manifold. It is able to replace fossil fuels like oil and gas which emits carbon dioxide. Contrary to fossil fuel energy, thermal energy does not produce greenhouse gases. A seen evidence of its purity is that it does not emit smoke. Although it is a fuel yet there are no pollutant particles and no smoke to make the environment healthy. Thermal solar is in use since many years still it is not common in everyday life yet. With the alarming threat of damaging ozone layer this concept has be commercialized and marketed to save the environment for the future generation. Otherwise if the fossil fuel remains in continuous use it can banish many of living things from the earth. For healthy and secure life on this planet there is need of utilizing thermal solar power at large scale which has already begun.

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