Types of Air Pollution

Air is the combination of gases and when it is contaminated other chemical substances and gases it gets polluted. Air pollution is the most critical issue since the industrial development started. However technology advancement makes it more complicated as different types of radial frequencies and x-rays are present all around us whether earth level or sky and polluting air with different types of pollutants. To control different types of air pollution it is necessary to know the types first.

While going through different sites I found that everywhere instead of types of air pollution, they describe different types of pollutants that are the reasons of it. This may make the topic alien for a lay man. It is better to describe the conditions instead that are really called air pollution.

There are two categories of the types of air pollution; one is outdoor and second is indoor. There are different types of activities indoor and outdoor that becomes the causes of air pollution. It is necessary to keep the inside of houses, offices, factories and laboratories

  1. Smog
  2. Acid Rain
  3. Greenhouse Effect
  4. Global warming
  5. Smoke

Smoke is the most common form of air pollution. Smoke rises from the chimneys of houses, factories, kilns, vehicles and Tobacco. It contains particulates of soot and dust and all three together make particulate matters and pollutes the air. Smoke contains carbon Dioxide, carbon monoxide, etc. It usually gives headaches, and breathing problems.

Smog is a different shape of smoke and is also a type of air pollution. This is common in cold countries where whether remain moist and when smoke of vehicles and factories containing hydro carbons and nitrogen oxide create smog. It adds into human body and deteriorates health slowly. Los Angeles is the city in 1940s reminds us the historical identification of smog as air pollution.

Acid Rain is a very serious kind of air pollution that really affects the atmosphere and use of fuel, oil or coal having sulfur element is the reason. When sulfur particles mix into air a chemical reaction takes place to make sulfuric acid and comes on earth surface in the form of acid rain. It badly affects the lungs, and other respiratory organs. Also eyesight is affected by it and severely damage health.

In the last 19th century Greenhouse Effect was the most critical type of air pollution that was identified by a very common process of release of carbon Dioxide in the air. It is an odorless and non toxic gas. Every living being on earth release little or more quantity of it and till the human beings takes considerations to control it to reduce greenhouse effect.
Global Warming is a worldwide present concern as the temperature is rising day by day of our planet earth. Different organic compounds are reacting with air and increase the temperature of air. Hence formation of methane is also increasing that is the major source of global warming. It is enlarging the hole in ozone layer and allowing the burning sunlight to hit the ground with severe intensity.

Start of 21st century introduces a new kind of air pollution and is known as radiation and nuclear emission. It was World War 2 that recognizes the issue of air pollution when Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombarded by atomic bomb and suffered its aftereffects last for whole century. Every tech object emits certain amount of radioactive rays in the atmosphere that are really harmful for human health. There are issues like less hearing, skin infection, and sensory organ deformity. To sit in front of the PC screen for long time affects eyesight as it emits rays that are harmful for retina and also damage the lens.

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