What is Waste Renewable Energy

On this earthly planet, human beings are busy to spend their lives. They need energy to perform their daily activities. This energy comes from food, oxygen in the air and water. After consuming these resources there is a lot more production of waste material. This waste material if not disposed properly would surely harm the environment which ultimately is dangerous for human beings. With the ever growing population, there is need to not only disposed this waste rather by taking some advantage out of waste renewable energy.

Concept of Recycle

If you see the process of photosynthesis, you can get the idea of recycling. The same plants after getting rotten act as a food for the plant. Why not human beings recycle their own consumption to take benefit from it? Here comes the concept of waste as a renewable energy. The same ingredients which human first utilized as an energy source after becoming waste are now renewed to use it profitably.


Sources of waste

First of all take a look at which things are being consumed by human beings. Among these is like crops dregs for example bagasse of sugarcane, husk, straws of different crops and dry fruit shells, fresh fruits skin and vegetable peel, tree bark, flour crust and fish scales all these are the remainders of eatables. They are useless and waste.

Waste as Renewable Energy

Leaving this waste open is not a solution because this waste produces carbon dioxide which is the major cause of air pollution. With the massive increase in waste environment is in danger. There is threat that environmental pollution is damaging ozone layer. So avoiding this threat brings this bright idea of recycling. But what type of recycling should it be? Here another step an amazing step with an outstanding result is that of waste renewable energy. The concept of extracting energy from waste is quite appealing.

Conversion of Waste to Renewable Energy

Since long times, waste has been using as a source of fuel. But burning of waste now-a-days is not safe. You will ask the reason. It comes into your mind that why burning is not right. The simple explanation is that as burning the waste produces a large amount of carbon dioxide which harms the environment. As population is increasing day-by-day so is the case with waste. Burning this heap of waste causes a lot of threat to environment so there should be a safe way of waste disposal. For this there are three different ways to utilize waste as a source of renewable energy.



The first method of waste conversion into energy source is Thermo-chemical method. Here waste material is burnt in a confined area to store heat as a source of energy. This heat is then used in factorize to run boiler and in furnaces to utilize this heat. This process of combustion is very useful in utilizing a mound of waste into heat energy.


Fermentation and anaerobic are applied especially to the organic waste. This is known as Bio-chemical method. In this process anaerobic digestion is also used. Wet organic waste is treated through anaerobic digestion turned into bio gas in a controlled environment. This bio gas is further used in two ways such as heat and electricity. Digestate, a dry residue is produced through anaerobic digestion. Fermentation is used to turn biomass into bio-chemicals of different types like ethanol and cellulose etc.


Concept of fuel pellet is something new. In this process solid waste is dump underground and burned. The solid waste after burning turned into fuel pellets which are quite interesting to use as it is better than coal. This is known as physico-chemical method.


As you see the concept of disposing waste is old but taking advantage in the form of renewable energy sis quite effective. In this way waste is disposed in a safeguard manner by giving extra energy for different purposes. Methods are also old as one is burning and other is dumping but now processing in right direction this waste becomes a renew energy to carry out different works.

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