What is Wind Power or Wind Energy

Wind power or wind energy just like solar energy and falls in the category of renewable energy source. Wind pressure is a renewable energy source because it can be used again and again without the fear of it being diminished or become scarce. The quality of wind power to exist in abundance without depletion along with its environment friendly nature makes it desirable to use as an alternative source of energy.

Types & Structure of Wind Turbines
The wind turbines have three basic components, The Mast, a Rotor and a Pod. The mast is made up of steel and it is foundation on which other components of the wind turbine work. It is inserted into the soil and a solid concrete base supports its unyielding grip. The wind turbines are installed very high in the air in order to utilize the very high wind pressure. Wind mills are almost 80m to 100 m tall. The purpose of implanting high wind mills is to receive uninterrupted wind pressure at all times. The rotor on the other hand holds the blades of wind mill. These turbine blades are made up of material which has strong resistance against changing weathers. The material which is usually used is fiberglass or carbon fiber. It is this rotor which converts the kinetic energy of wind into mechanical energy for further uses. If the mechanical energy is sued to support cutting of woods it is termed as windmill. However if this mechanical energy is converted to electricity it is known as wind generators. The pod third and last important component which helps the rotor wings to convert the kinetic energy into electricity.

How electricity is produced by Wind Power, How Wind Energy is Produced
The useful and unique energy resource can be utilized in different ways to generate electricity. However the most common way is to wind turbines for this purpose. A wind turbine is a rotating machine, this machine works by converting the energy from the wind into kinetic energy which is further changed to electric current. The energy from the wind is converted to electric current in aero generators. Modern wind turbines are really fast and they are controlled by computers. Any modern wind turbine can work on a speed of 200 miles per hour. Electricity is produced with the rotation of axle of rotor. This electricity is transferred to users with the cables inside the base of the mast. The structure of wind turbines is often supported and controlled by automatic computer system. This system ensures the orientation of the blades at a 90 degree angle to the direction of wind. This automatic system also improves the efficiency of the wind turbines by adjusting the angle in order to take full advantage of wind power.

Research & development in Wind Power and Wind Energy
The windmills power generators have very low fuel cost. Moreover they produce electricity in an environment friendly way. Therefore the potential market for these wind turbines exists. The initial cost of installation is the first consideration which can effect its market growth. However the long term benefits and low maintenance cost makes it desirable to deploy. The development and research in this sector has already helped in improving its structure and efficiency. According to the facts and figure the wind power demand in USA and Germany in 2008 was 4150 MW and 585 MW. However the challenge of installing wind turbines come with the wind power in countries. USA still has the highest wind power utilization of about 52 MW per hour. The problem with all renewable energy sources is that most of the countries of the world lack the basic infrastructure and resources needed to deploy this technology. The major problems like annual production and capital requirements need to be addressed in order to promote renewable energy sources.

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